Grand Challenges 

Introducing the Metabolomics Grand Challenges Webinar Series – Lloyd Sumner

  1. Large-scale, confident metabolite identification – Lloyd Sumner
  2. Developing enabling metabolomics databases and computational infrastructures – Oliver Fiehn & Peter Dorrestein
  3. Dissecting the temporal and spatial accumulation of metabolites – John McLean & Peter Dorrestein
  4. Standards and standardization of metabolomics workflows – Lloyd Sumner
  5. Data interpretation for advanced understanding and discovery: including integration with genomics and integration of scientific background knowledge and literature
  6. Improving metabolome measurements; i.e. increased sensitivity, dynamic range, depth-of-coverage – Liang Li
  7. Improving metabolomics cost, throughput and data comparability – Philip Britz-McKibbin
  8. Advancing large-scale quantification and flux – A. Daniel Jones
  9. Understanding the exposome & environmental impact 

Next videos coming soon… If you are an expert in one of these areas, we are always looking for speakers and contributors.

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